The Studio

“A lot can be done here, this is where we bring it all together.”

Most of the equipment has been modified or tailor-made from different countries, specifically chosen to give him optimum control over all aspects of the audio spectrum. No expense was spared, even the wiring is the best possible.

A typical mastering session would begin with a listen through the tracks, to see if there are any corrections to be made and what’s needed to obtain an equal quality.

Then the tracks are sent through high-end converters to the customized British Crookwood desk, where compressing, equalizing and limiting can be routed in whatever order is required, giving plenty of options to work with the audio. Then if some extra colour is needed, there are bespoke transformers to go through. This is mostly the analogue part, with a limiter available if some loudness is required.

Finally, the tracks are converted back to digital and sent to the last stage. This is where levels are balanced and the last technical arrangements are applied before the manufacturers.