Terms & Conditions

Drop Off/Pick Up

If you plan on dropping off physical sources or pick up a master, please contact ahead of time if possible.


Payment in full is required before any data files, CDs, DVDs, or tapes are released. We can accept cash, bank transfer, Paypal.


Brandenburg Mastering is required by Dutch law to collect sales tax on all transactions originating within the Netherlands. All sales, use, and other applicable taxes will be paid by the client and are in addition to the cost of all items and services purchased by the client.

Shipping & Handling

  • Full payment is required before any materials are uploaded, picked up, or shipped out. Exceptions can be made at the owner’s discretion.
  • All shipping costs will be paid by the client.
  • All shipments are insured for the cost of the product included in the packages. Brandenburg Mastering bears no responsibility for damage to materials once they have shipped. Any and all damages sustained during shipment must be reported by the client and a claim filed with the carrier.
  • Brandenburg Mastering will not ship CD or DDP masters directly to manufacturing unless the client safeguards Brandenburg Mastering from any liability.
  • IMPORTANT! All masters must be listened through and approved by the client before shipping to any duplication or replication facility.


As a service to our clients, Brandenburg Mastering keeps all data on file for up to 3 months. The client is responsible for keeping a working back-up of all source files before uploading or shipping those data files to Brandenburg Mastering for processing.
Analog tapes will be stored for the duration of the session and can be shipped back to the client along with the final masters. CDs and DVDs containing source files will be made ineffective and discarded at the completion of the session, unless otherwise directed by the client.

Your Consent

By using our site, requesting an estimate or quote, or booking a session, you consent to our terms and conditions.


If there are any questions regarding these terms you may contact us here.